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Discussion on the importance of test detection in small and medium - sized water conservancy and hydropower projects

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Discussion on the importance of test detection in small and medium - sized water conservancy and hydropower projects

Date:2017-12-12 Author: Click:

Discussion on the importance of test detection in small and medium - sized water conservancy and hydropower projects

With the continuous improvement of infrastructure, the comprehensive strength of our national economy continues to improve, this development makes China's demand for energy is also increasing. The traditional non-renewable energy resources are limited, in order to achieve sustainable development, people have to look for cleaner renewable energy to meet the rising energy demand. Water resources, as an efficient clean energy, has always been the focus of new energy development in China, and has a positive impact on the cause of sustainable development. Water conservancy and hydropower engineering as an important project for the development of water resources, its quality plays a decisive role in the role of the project, and test work is of great significance for water conservancy project, is an important measure of water conservancy and hydropower engineering quality assurance at present.

First, the necessity of testing work

As an important infrastructure, water conservancy and hydropower projects play an important role in the development of modern economy and improvement of people's living standards. therefore, the construction of modern water conservancy and hydropower projects is closely related to people's lives, and is the most concerned infrastructure in the new era. Therefore, in the construction of water conservancy and hydropower projects in China's most important development content, especially in recent years, the state has invested a lot of money, hope to further improve the level of water conservancy and hydropower project construction. And in the construction, the site management is the decisive factor affecting the construction quality, whether it is the site construction personnel or construction management department, began to gradually focus on the site construction management work. Through a large number of investigations, there are still many defects in the construction site of water conservancy and hydropower projects in our country. due to imperfect management measures and low management level, a large number of quality problems appear in the construction process, which seriously affect the function of water conservancy and hydropower projects. To summarize the common problems of the construction site mainly includes the following points, first of all, the actual project construction process, there is no perfect quality management system as a guarantee, even if there is a corresponding system has not been improved, just written regulations, has not been specifically implemented, unable to play a normative and binding role. Secondly, the construction site of the construction material management is not implemented in accordance with the provisions, the construction of raw material quality inspection work is not in place, a lot of inferior raw materials shoddy is applied to the construction, which will inevitably affect the construction quality, and even bring serious security risks. In addition, many technical personnel did not realize that the test for the construction quality assurance of the important lease, resulting in the actual test work has not been implemented, resulting in the construction of security risks can not be found in a timely manner. As the guarantee of site construction quality, test detection can find the deficiencies in construction in time, and analyze the root causes of quality problems through reasonable detection means, so as to effectively eliminate the potential safety hazards and quality problems. however, site construction technicians pay more attention to construction progress and construction benefits, while ignoring the importance of test detection work.

Two, small and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower engineering test analysis

1, establish a sound test management system. Whether the work system is scientific, can be carried out in the field of practice, reflects the management level of a building construction department, if the work system is not scientific or not clear will affect the quality of construction inspection. Starting from the premise of guaranteeing the quality of construction projects, the following work systems should be observed: post responsibility system. Post responsibility system needs each department to cooperate with each other, joint implementation, can promote the improvement of engineering quality, whether it is management personnel, technical director, or quality director, test personnel, need to clear and abide by the post responsibility, promote the construction business. In addition, the measurement standard testing instrument management system, testing construction analysis system, test file management and confidentiality system, testing sample management system, testing work system are in the construction test need to comply with the work system.

2, the establishment of the site laboratory. 10 persons. Site laboratory need to have a tester to carry out daily test work. The tester is mainly responsible for the daily work of the laboratory, the tester's post responsibility is according to the specific requirements of the daily construction of raw materials test work, construction need to pay attention to the construction of the construction mixture ratio. Adjust the mixture ratio need to take into account the actual situation of construction, promote the field laboratory work actively, through the field laboratory work to provide reliable test data, promote the smooth implementation of the project construction. In addition, the technical director plays an important role in the field test work of the project construction, the relevant technical requirements, need to be very proficient in the basic test business site laboratory, familiar with the construction of the relevant technical construction standards and basic test method of construction, at the same time, the technical director also need to be proficient in the relevant national construction policy. Technical director also need to have a serious work attitude, and in the work of justice, in the daily work is mainly responsible for business management technology and test data issued. 2 ) equipped with testing instruments and equipment. In the process of test work, the construction test equipment needs to meet the technical standards prescribed by the state, to ensure the normal operation of the laboratory test. Meters need to follow the basic standards of metrological verification. Testing instruments and equipment in the process of operation need to operate correctly, at the same time need to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the metrology law of the people's Republic of China, regular verification, calibration and need to have a permit, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of test data, guarantee the construction quality.

3, field test and testing. 1 ) witness sampling system. In order to ensure the quality of construction, promote the reliability of construction materials, need to strictly implement the relevant quality standards, the relevant technical inspection standards for engineering materials or components of sampling inspection, and according to the results of the quality inspection to infer the quality of the overall material, this is to infer and predict the construction quality of common and effective methods. However, we should pay attention to the authenticity and representativeness of the sample is the basic premise of sampling inspection can reflect the overall situation, witness sampling and inspection system is an important way to achieve high quality construction. Witness the sampling and inspection system need to operate staff with good professional quality and business ability, so in the process of specific work for construction inspection, can guarantee the smooth construction inspection work. In the construction, need to strictly control the quality of construction materials, avoid false, shoddy situation, guarantee the construction quality has been in strict quality supervision. 2 ) witness sampling inspection scope and procedures. Concrete block; Masonry mortar test block; Steel and joint test pieces; Concrete small block; Cement; Admixtures; Waterproof material; As well as the building foundation, cushion layer of measuring strength, density, this is the basic scope of witness sampling. Before construction, the construction department will according to the specific scheme of construction and construction operation process for sampling inspection operation. In the process of sampling inspection need to be carried out on site, after inspection and sign recognition logo seal. Personnel performing work inspection shall conduct inspection records on the spot to ensure the effectiveness of the work.

4, test process control. 1 ) carry out detection. Laboratory received all test samples, test project, to ensure the standardization of test operation, promote the reliability of test detection. The testing personnel must strictly abide by the relevant testing standards in the sampling survey, carry out scientific testing, testing methods also need to be scientific and standard, promote the test results of the specification. 2 ) the issuance of the test report. The inspection report is the basic material for construction inspection. The writing of the test report needs to comply with a certain form of test report, in particular, some use the report format, some use a unified form. The final inspection report shall be reviewed, signed and issued by the technical director.

In order to ensure the quality control of the whole process of small and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower construction, a set of scientific and effective quality detection system, namely the field laboratory, must be established. The establishment of on-site laboratory, to ensure the quality of small and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects, control the construction technology, timely discover and solve the problems existing in the construction. Played a very important role. Therefore, for small and medium-sized water conservancy and hydropower projects should be taken to open social bidding, the establishment of the construction site laboratory, so as to ensure the fairness of the inspection work. The construction unit and the construction unit are convenient, the test and detection cost is saved, and the engineering quality is ensured.




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