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What should the monitoring of slope be done?

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What should the monitoring of slope be done?

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What should the monitoring of slope be done?

First, the purpose of slope monitoring

1. The slope definition to be monitored

There are two main types of slopes to be monitored: A artificial slopes formed by the construction of human activities; B may affect the natural slopes of human activities.

2. The purpose of slope monitoring

A ensures the safety of construction personnel and machinery in the process of the formation of the slope.

The stability of the slope is determined by B after the slope is formed.

C ensures the safety of construction (structure) in the area of slope influence

Two. Standards and requirements to be mastered in slope monitoring

National norms

"Technical specification for construction slope engineering" GB50330-2013

"Specification for measurement of building deformation" JGJ8-2007

"Code for engineering survey" GB50026=2007

"Specification for identification and reinforcement of construction slope engineering" GB50843

"Standard for test method for engineering rock mass" GB/T50344

Three. The work flow of slope monitoring

1. Accept the task (usually entrusted by the owner)

2, site survey and data collection (the key geological survey, slope design, construction organization design, slope position of the meteorological information)

3, compile monitoring plan (monitoring items, monitoring purposes, monitoring methods, measuring points layout, monitoring alarm value, information feedback system, monitoring frequency and cycle).

4, laying and protection monitoring points, calibration instruments and components

5. Field test (data acquisition)

6. Analysis and collation of monitoring data and feedback

7. Submission of phased results and reports

8. Submit the monitoring summary report after the completion of the project monitoring

Four. The content of slope monitoring

The horizontal and vertical displacement of supporting structure, the top or the supporting structure variable quantity at

The surface crack, the top 1.08 behind (rock) 1.58 (soil) range

The top building (structure) ne deformation, wall foundation, and the overall tilt slope of buildings

The relationship between rainfall, flood and time

Anchor (case) pulling force, external anchor head or main bar of storage rod

Deformation of support structure, main force member

The supporting structure stress, maximum stress

The relationship between groundwater, water seepage and precipitation, water outlet point

Five. The compilation of monitoring program

The content of the monitoring programme should include:

Engineering survey

Geological and geotechnical conditions and surrounding environment conditions

The purpose and basis of monitoring

Content and project of monitoring

Layout and protection of datum point and monitoring point

Methods and accuracy of monitoring

Monitoring time and frequency

Monitoring and alarm and abnormal monitoring

Monitoring data processing and information feedback

The staffing of the monitoring staff

Monitoring equipment and verification

Operational safety and other management systems

Seven. Monitoring Report

1. The general situation of slope engineering

2. Monitoring basis

3. Monitoring instruments

4. The layout of the measuring point

5. The mileage curve of monitoring project index

6. Monitoring data arrangement, analysis and results review




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